Saturday, May 28, 2011


I had always wanted a home with a magnolia tree in the yard.  I do live in the south after all and in my head it only seemed fitting.  When we bought our home over 15 years ago, I was a bit disappointed that on the almost 4 acres of very wooded land there didn’t seem to be a magnolia tree.  I wanted a house with a magnolia so much, that we even named our dog Magnolia and called her Maggie.  Silly, but true.

One day when Cameron was walking on the back half of the property, he spotted a tiny little seedling of a magnolia tree.  He carefully dug it up and replanted it in the front portion of the property near the house hoping it would take root and be in a place so we could watch it grow.   Well, it took root and it has grown into a tall and lovely tree that brings me joy every time I see it.  The only thing that has bothered me about this tree is that regardless of its large size, it has never produced a bloom.
Going down the driveway yesterday I looked up and as I was passing the tree, noticing just how tall she had gotten and there it was - a massive bloom.  Simple, white, full, and stunning.  I slammed the brakes and screamed “It bloomed!!! Look! The magnolia bloomed!”  I parked the car and we jumped out.  We had to get a picture.  Cam took pictures and I called Amanda, because I had told her just days before that I wish our magnolia tree would bloom and it had!  She peered out her bedroom window. She could see it and she laughed.  The tree was holding that bloom up tall and proper.  It was as if the tree was just as proud of this first fruit as we were.

This excitement may seem a bit much, but I cannot begin to express what seeing that bloom did in my heart.  I had looked at that tree for years knowing the potential that was inside.  My longing for that potential to come out had grown with each passing season.  I had recently begun verbalizing my restlessness at its seeming unwillingness to simply let what was in there come out.  Would it ever bloom? Was it just not time? Questions I was asking that perhaps were reflecting things closer to my own life than I was willing to admit.   And then, it bloomed.

With that bloom - hope rose, joy was released and the awesomeness of Creator God shone forth.  It was a testimony of waiting, timing, expectation and surprise.

Thank you Abba for the lessons you teach and the joy you splash on my world when you surprise me with gifts that only you can give.  I cannot wait to see the rest of the blooms that you are allowing to spring forth all around me. I am joyfully waiting. I am hopefully expectant. 


  1. Beautiful description and so true of life. We must never give up hope that planting deep with patience, nurture and expectation will eventually blossom something beautiful in our lives and the lives of others. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Calling forth the blooms that are lying dormant in all of us!