Monday, March 21, 2011

No More Sippy Cups!

I woke up in the wee-hours of the morning with the word sippy cup in my brain. This is my early morning ramblings about a heart cry that I see rising not only inside me but inside those around me.

This is NOT Sippy Cup Religion

If you need reminding of what the Sippy cup is.  Inside the cup you put small doses of water, juice or milk and then attach a tight spill-proof lid that toddlers then drink from, only getting a small amount out at a time. 
   Too often once someone has gotten saved and taken some of the milk of the word – we only graduate them to the preverbal sippy cup.  Continuing to offer them milk from the word – because we are afraid they can’t handle the meat, or juice because they might not be ready for the true wine of anointing, or water because if they got too much of that it might make a mess. And of course – we ourselves are often content drinking out of our sippy cup – because it is safe.     Are we honestly content with a sippy cup experience limiting us to small doses as if there is a limited supply?!
  My God – Our God – can no longer be confined to our sippy cup religion.  He wants to give his children more – and we are THIRSTY for MORE.  More than even a ‘big gulp’ experience we once had.  We want a torrent of living water…from an ever-flowing fountain.  We are crying for the water.  Deep is calling to deep – FATHER - let us hear the ROAR of your waterfall!!!!
    There is a cry to be allowed to stand and soak in His presence – to stand under the waterfall, so that it splashes all around.  There is a cry to be cleansed and saturated and soaked so that when we walk we slosh.  When we touch or hug someone – they get wet & some of what we have gets on them!    LET IT BE EVIDENT.  In our walk, our talk, our integrity, our presence, our passion!!  
    When you’ve gone to an amusement park – remember seeing the people you know had just gotten off the big splash water ride at a park? – You didn’t see them actually on or even near the ride - but you knew by their very being that they had an experience that got them soaked!  SOAK US LORD!!!!  SOAK ME!
    I want what I experience to be so saturating that everything and everyone I touch is affected. That when I walk, I leave prints!  I don’t want to dry off!   I don’t want to live off a one—time drenching from days gone by…….because I know if I am away from your life-giving water long enough – I will dry up!  Nor do I want to receive only a doled out sampling offered in a sippy cup at a scheduled snack time.  I want MORE.  I want to play and dance and sing and run and laugh and cry in the river of My God. 
   Father – pop the lids off the sippy cups and POUR out your water on us and show us the way to MORE.   Lead us by your stream into the waterfall.    We want more not for ourselves so we can say we’ve been there but no Father – so that we can offer more to this generation and to this dying world and to this drying, dying modern church.  We want to let them know that they have access to a God that longs to cleanse and overwhelm and saturate them with his miracle working, life-changing presence. 

MORE LORD – More of YOU –

(Blog originally posted in 2007 - thirst continues)