Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can You Hear Them?


I was sitting in a large ballroom during a conference halfway listening to the speaker. Then it happened. Suddenly. Without warning. It was a moment suspended in time. The speaker and those listening moved on. I was stuck. Stuck on a quote, a mere statistic – a statistic that I’m not entirely sure how it even fit with the topic. To me, however, it marked a defining moment. The glimpses, the moments, the flashes – had all culminated into a full on envelopment. I had been inexplicably faced and confronted with a challenge from the heart of God. I had a choice. Ignore it. Walk away. Or – take up this mantle. Not a mantle that would merely be draped up on my shoulders from time to time – this was something that would literally be wrapped in and around my entire being. My response? Well, after the wellspring of unintentional weeping ceased – I simply whispered, “Yes”. Not to a person. A “Yes” to God, knowing that with my affirmative answer, I was in for a lifetime of challenge and pressing that would hopefully result in moments of joy.

So, what is it? It is a heart for the children of ministers. (Pks for lack of a better and more encompassing term.) Primarily, it is a heart for PKs 18 and older.
It is a call to pray for adult children of ministers to step into the fullness of their calling and gifting. It is a call to believe for the return of the prodigals, but also for an awakening among those who have grown complacent or discouraged in their walk. Sounds simple. It, however, comes with a weight that presses in to my heart and my soul and my being.

I have struggled, perhaps wrestled is a more accurate term, for a number of years with what to do with this call. I am still challenged by the ‘what’. In the meantime, I am doing what I know to do. Pray. Believe. Trust. Encourage. Walk out this call. Go through every open door that the Lord sets in front of me that will have the potential of pointing one more of my fellow PKs to the heart of our Father.

I firmly believe that revival is coming to this people group. When it does, I’m not sure the church world as we know it, will know what has hit. They will come. They will come with a renewed passion for Jesus. They will come with an understanding of the heart of Father God. They will come endued with power from the Holy Spirit. Those who already are in relationship with God – will go deeper and become stronger. Those who have walked away from HIM – will have their world turned upside down by a God who loves them with a relentless love and passion. He is in pursuit of them & He is NOT giving up. So – Watch & See & Listen - FOR I hear the distant thunder of a throng of multitudes upon multitudes of children (young & old) of missionaries, pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers, worship leaders coming to take their place in the Body of Christ. Can you hear them?  Can you SEE them?