Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Monday. Although it is just another day of the week, it is typically the most dreaded day – unlike Friday who everyone seems to thank God for or Saturday and Sunday – who are traditionally earmarked as days of rest, relaxation, and spiritual refueling. 

This week I had what was considered by most standards, a typical Monday.  It was filled with challenges. It started in the morning with a water mess created by an under the sink leak in my kitchen.  Without lingering on the things that followed, it didn't take long before realizing I was not the only one.  In fact, it was a day seemingly filled with frustration and potentially-stress inducing situations for several people close to me.

While I could easily and truthfully identify most of the situations, as senseless, pointless, annoying, frustrating, ill-timed, unnecessary or even illogical I realized even in the midst – I was being handed an invitation.   Would I trust God and choose to carry peace rather than unrest?  Could I believe that He was bringing wisdom and insight and so much more into the picture?  God was nudging me to understand that while I see up close and in the moment – that He sees beyond my Monday and into the future and that He knows there is PURPOSE in what was and is transpiring.  He IS orchestrating life as we know it so that His glory will shine through. 

My answer to the invitation is a resounding YES.  I will believe. I will relax and breathe and lean on Him as I trust His leadership and His whispers.  When I want to whine or complain or trying to figure it all out on my own - I will instead - look for God in the middle of the moment.  Gotta love His teachable moments.

Monday, even though you are not Friday – I thank God for you.