Sunday, July 11, 2010

Answered Prayer

This week we witnessed the answer to a prayer that has been prayed for almost 24 years.
     On August 30, 1986, Grant Michael Fisher entered the world as our first born son.   From the time he was very young, we began praying for the young girl who would someday be his wife.  We did know that somewhere she was out there and her life was being formed and fashioned and at the right time their paths would cross and the rest would be history. We didn't know her name, or her face, or where in the world she was - but God did.
      It's been an interesting journey.  I never was one to get close to the girls that Grant dated.   I didn't want to rush the process and never wanted him to hesitate to break a relationship off that he felt was wrong just because the family had gotten too close.  One day a couple years ago, Grant came and basically asked me, "Mom, don't scare this one off."  First of all, I never saw myself as scaring anyone off -- just keeping a comfortable distance.   :-)   However - at that point - I agreed to unfold my arms  and be a bit more 'welcoming'.  Family is a big deal to us.  So, it is crucial that whomever 'signs on' to be with us - gets along with both the McCarn  and Fisher sides of the family.  Grant began bringing this young lady to holiday gatherings. Personable and fun - she fit in beautifully. Over the past two years this young lady became woven into the fabric of our family and into the fiber of our hearts.
      On July 10, 2010 in beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by friends and family we proudly and joyfully watched our son marry the girl of his dreams and the girl of our prayers. 
      Brandi Nichole Rose Riley Fisher - Welcome to the family.